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Armenia is a small and mountainous nation with its own unique language, alphabet and culture. It was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity in 301 and there are hundreds of very ancient churches throughout the country.

Yerevan the capital is an attractive city with wide tree-lined boulevards and stylish buildings built of the pink volcanic, tuffa stone. From most places in the capital one can see the towering peak of Mount Ararat, the reputed resting place of Noah's Ark.

With its fresh mountain air, pure water and diverse flora and fauna, Armenia is a new destination, which will appeal as much to lovers of nature as to those interested in historical sights.

Travel Essentials
The climate in Armenia is severely continental with extremely cold winters and hot summers. Summer temperatures in July and August can reach about 38 degrees centigrade in Yerevan but the climate is dry and the evenings tend to be much cooler. Spring and autumn are good times to visit; most days are warm and sunny.

Local Customs
When visiting any foreign country it is always polite to respect the local customs and if you can manage a few words of Armenian or Russian, this will be very much appreciated.
People tend to dress quite conservatively in Armenia and very revealing clothes for ladies and shorts and singlets for men are not really considered suitable attire. Please ask before taking pictures inside churches and cover up. Take a present with you if you are invited to someone’s house.

British passport holders require an Armenian visa that may be obtained on arrival. The consular fee for a single entry tourist visa is currently $60. Visas cost change frequently, please check with your consular office.

Along with our invoice / confirmation, we will send you a visa application form (one per person) and you will also need 1 colour photograph. Please note that you cannot apply for the visas more than two months prior to departure. You can either apply to the consulate yourself or we can recommend a visa service that can handle the process on your behalf. The Armenian Consulate will normally keep your passport for 10 days.

Nothing compulsory, but we recommend that your protection against Tetanus, Typhoid, infectious Hepatitis and Polio is up to date. It is your responsibility to check all relevant recommendations and also to get the most up-to-date health information for the destinations being visited. You can contact your GP or any of the following organisations:

MASTA: Telephone: 0906 822 4100
Live Travel Health Line: 09068 633414

Flight Duration
Flight time to Yerevan from London is 5hrs, 35mins with British Airways.

Accommodation and Transport
We normally use 4 star and some 3 star accommodation on our tours, where possible with some local character. In more remote areas where the choice of accommodation is limited, we will use the best available small hotels or local pensions.

A variety of transportation will be used on tour: cars, 4 wheel drive vehicles, minibuses or coaches, depending on the size of the party.